Presentation of the new Cetilar Academy drivers

2 MIN 2 May 2023

Cetilar continues to support young athletes in karting. A Cetilar Academy project that aims to accompany some particularly talented young drivers in their training, supporting them both in their technical progress and in the development of human values.

With this specific aim, Cetilar Academy has confirmed and strengthened the agreement with a top class company, Kart Republic Motorsport, managed by the talent scout Dino Chiesa, who in the past launched two champions of the calibre of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

The young drivers chosen for the 2023 edition of the Cetilar Academy, announced last Saturday on the Cremona circuit, during the fourth round of the WSK Super Master Series, are the Romanian David Cosma-Cristofor, the Italian Iacopo Martinese and the Belgian Thibaut Ramaekers, who is managed in partnership with VDK Racing. In addition, the seniors Danilo Albanese and Paolo Ippolito.

On one hand, the team wished to make room for some new karting talents, while on the other it also decided to bet on a pair of expert drivers. Cristofor, Martinese and Ramaekers are all racing with KR Motorsport in the OK-J class. Albanese (24 years old) and Ippolito (27) are on the other hand racing in the KZ.

We officially presented this project for the first time in 2019, launching this karting adventure with loads of enthusiasm and expectations, in parallel to the Cetilar Racing track activities,” Roberto Lacorte commented. “Four years have passed since then, and our Academy has grown, having accompanied several drivers in their own professional and human growth, and today some of them are bringing in many successes. This means that the project is working, and this is a further drive to continue investing in this field, alongside a top company like Dino Chiesa’s Kart Republic Motorsport, to whom we are bound by relations of friendship and esteem.

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