Training, nutrition and recovery: the winning trio to stay in shape

3 MIN 30 May 2023

Nutrition, training and recovery. These are the ingredients of the winning trio that guarantees the physical well-being of the athlete and their sporting performance. No element is more important than the others in the pyramid, indeed every component is not only necessary but also indispensable and interconnected with the others.

The importance of physical activity

Training is certainly the most obvious aspect, but certainly not the one most taken for granted for physical well-being. First of all, everyone must carefully reply to the question “which physical activity” is most suitable and “how much physical activity” to do. The right decision depends on your health conditions, lifestyle, available time and especially your objectives. And so, the workout of a professional footballer will be different from that of someone who wants to start doing sport to lose weight or gain muscle mass. For this reason, it is advisable to contact a personal trainer who can suggest the best strategy for your expectations. Otherwise, there is a risk of making mistakes that could cause undesirable effects: fatigue, muscle pain and even injuries.

Another fundamental aspect is constancy, which must become a mantra for the physical activity of any sportsperson, not only because it is a byword for perseverance but because only training –organised appropriately during the week– allows us to reach our objectives without any undesirable effects. The idea of skipping a training session, hoping to catch up the next day with “more exercise” is an incorrect concept of physical activity.

Training –we should underline– along is not enough to achieve our objectives. Without an appropriate sporting diet and without appropriate recovery we risk having low energy levels and compromising our results.

Why sports nutrition is fundamental

A correct sporting diet is essential for the physical well-being for both amateur and professional sportspersons, as it provides all that is indispensable for maintaining the right energy and nutritional levels. For this reason, the diet must always balance the various food groups. Generally, around 55-65% of our weekly calorie intake should come from carbohydrates: mainly cereals, tubers, legumes, and to a lesser extent, simple sugars such as jams or desserts. A correct sports nutrition then includes 15% protein foods, of both animal and vegetable origin. Finally, 25-30% lipids, oils and fats, which are indispensable for supplying our body with energy and transporting vitamins.

Another aspect to consider in a sporting diet is what to eat prior to workout and what to eat after training. To manage this aspect, we have developed protein-energy bars: a quick, practical solution which in just 60 grams contains two minerals in Sucrosomial formⓇ, iron and magnesium, which help to reduce tiredness and stimulate the normal energy-yielding metabolism.

But beware: during physical activity we must always hydrate our body, which during training uses a mix of nutrients to produce the energy needed. Hydral is a solution designed by Cetilar® Nutrition. This is a powder in stick form with magnesium hydroxide, contained in UltraMag® Marine, and other mineral salts with a citrus flavour, that keeps the body hydrated and maintains high physical performance.

Recovery: fundamental for ensuring good results

Recovery is the phase after physical activity during which our body regenerates, restoring the functional state prior to physical effort. It is only through suitable recovery times and methods that our body will be able to cope with the next workout in the best way; otherwise, if this is incomplete, our next performance would be lower, with the risk of stress, poor performance, or even worse, injuries.

In addition to a correct sporting diet, the amount and quality of sleep are indispensable for an athlete’s recovery, fighting chronic fatigue and reduced concentration. To improve rest, Cetilar® Nutrition has created Rest, a food supplement with UltraMag® and Lactium®, designed to offer a natural response to states of stress, anxiety and sleep disturbances.

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