Cetilar® is confirmed as Main Sponsor of the Pisa Sporting Club

2 MIN 18 July 2023

Another year together, dreaming of prestigious achievements and continuing a partnership that brings together two of the largest local sports entities: for the next competition season 2023-2024 too, Cetilar® will be Main Sponsor of the Pisa Sporting Club, ready to start the Serie B football league championship.

This now-consolidated partnership will once again be crowned by the Cetilar® trade mark adorning the Pisa Sporting Club official match kits. After their first appearance in the final stages of the 2019-2020 season, the kits were presented last week in the splendid setting of Logge di Banchi, in Pisa.

“Pisa Calcio is an excellence that is of fundamental value to the city: we are very pleased to continue to accompany the team for the coming season, with our Cetilar® brand blazoned on the black-and-blue shirts. The aim is to continue on the journey that began three years ago, working together with a view to continual improvement, which we hope can bring some great satisfaction for the team and its fans,” explains Carlo Volpi, Managing Director of PharmaNutra S.p.A., who also underlined how 2023 is a real milestone in the company’s history, celebrating the twenty year anniversary of its foundation, the opening of the US branch PharmaNutra USA, the inauguration -very soon- of the new headquarters in San Rossore, and the launch of Cetilar® Nutrition, the new line of products devoted to sports nutrition.

“Launching the new shirts is a great tradition,” said Giuseppe Corrado, Chairman of Pisa Sporting Club, “as is our partnership -and even more so our mutual esteem- with PharmaNutra, today the starting point of every competition season. Continuing along the same path is therefore a natural step for two businesses which represent our local excellences in the best possible way. We are proud to have the Cetilar® brand on our shirts, and I believe that for PharmaNutra it also represents a prestige to bind its brand to our illustrious alliance.”

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