Persico 69F Cup: FlyingNikka 47 wins the first edition


Roberto Lacorte, along with Lorenzo Bressani and Enrico Zennaro, finished the final ranking of the Persico 69F Cup in first place, followed by the second yacht in the team, FlyingNikka 74, with Alessio Razeto at the helm, accompanied by Lorenzo De Felice and Andrea Fornaro.

The final victory in this first edition of the Persico 69F Cup belongs to Roberto Lacorte’s FlyingNikka team, on this international circuit reserved for Persico 69F, modern “flying” boats with foils that reach literally extraordinary speeds.

FlyingNikka 47, with its blue Cetilar® branded sails, with Lacorte at the helm, along with Lorenzo Bressani and Enrico Zennaro, closed the race in first place, followed by the other yacht in the team, FlyingNikka 74 with green sails and captained by Alessio Razeto, with Lorenzo De Felice and Andrea Fornaro, second ahead of the Dutch Kingdom Team Netherlands, in third place.

An exceptional double win by the two boats owned by the Italian businessman, in the regatta as usual for the Yacht Club Repubblica Marinara di Pisa, which during the three Grand Prix disputed this year on Lake Garda – the fourth, to be held in Porto Cervo next week, was cancelled due to the Covid-19 health emergency – played a leading role throughout. Seeing is believing, for the two wins (out of three) for FlyingNikka 47.

“Coming in first and second on the Persico 69F circuit is a proud and satisfying moment”, commented Roberto Lacorte, “above all when considering the level of the competitors we have faced during the year. This result comes from a set of well-defined and well-planned objectives. Certainly we would have preferred to close the circuit in the water for the last event of the year, but unfortunately the situation is what it is, and we have to adapt. My first compliments go to my two companions, Lorenzo Bressani and Enrico Zennaro, champions that I have had the pleasure to enjoy some unforgettable sporting and other moments with. Then to Alessio Razeto, Lorenzo de Felice and Andrea Fornaro, the rest of the team who played hard on board the 74. Compliments also to the championship organisers, and those who had the great idea of something truly modern, in line with the direction sailing is taking in this third millennium. This victory is a stimulus for us for next year, when the two FlyingNikkas will be defending these first and second places, in what will certainly be an even more difficult and competitive circuit. “Our participation in the 69F circuit,” Lacorte concludes, “will work alongside the project of SuperNikka’s heir, that we have already started to work on. An innovative project from all points of view, which we will soon have the pleasure of sharing with the fans”.

“The FlyingNikka team”, commented Dede De Luca, Chief Sailing Officer of the circuit, “have helped to raise the level of competition: race after race, the circuit has grown and the sailors have developed lots of technique, improving their foiling skills and creating a virtuous circle, the growth of all the teams that has increased the spectacle, entertainment and pure competition”.

Having completed the 2020 Persico 69F Cup, Roberto Lacorte and the FlyingNikka team have already confirmed their participation in the second edition of the circuit. Meanwhile, the team is working on the project of the new flagship that will take over from the legendary SuperNikka, which is ready to thrill fans and will be launched officially in the coming weeks.

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