The new “Cetilar® Lounge” at the Arena Garibaldi is inaugurated


The new Hospitality Area at the Arena Garibaldi is a reality at last.And it is branded ‘griffata’ Cetilar® thanks to the increasingly close partnership between Pisa Sporting Club and PharmaNutra.

The new “Cetilar® Lounge”, designed by the architecture firm “Pulina Exclusive Interiors” and furnished by MobilArt Yacht Furniture, will now become “the” place for welcoming the most important guests at the Arena Garibaldi, with catering services and a meeting area; the perfect complement for the experience at the Stadium, and the best way to watch Pisa’s ‘Serie B’ championship matches.

This is what the Chairman of the Pisa Sporting ClubGiuseppe Corrado thought, as he inaugurated the Cetilar® Lounge yesterday in front of guests, the press and a delegation of PharmaNutra representatives headed by the Managing Director Carlo Volpi. ““The commercial relationship between PharmaNutra and Pisa Sporting Club continues to grow. The idea of naming our completely renovated hospitality room “Cetilar® lounge” aims to further consolidate the support of the Cetilar® brand to the Pisa club in all the initiatives that can offer media and communication services and opportunities to all our partners. The new “Cetilar® Lounge” will allow us to welcome our guests to the Arena’s most prestigious lounge in the best possible way. And, as we are now pleasantly used to seeing the Cetilar brand on our shirts, the “Cetilar® Lounge” will also accompany us behind the scenes at our home matches and beyond, confirming the increasingly solid, constructive and ambitious relationship.””.

The Cetilar® Lounge represents a highly symbolic place in the partnership between PharmaNutra and Pisa Sporting Club. It is a space where the black-and-blue team matches can be enjoyed at the Arena Garibaldi in a new perspective and in great comfort”,added Carlo Volpi. “We are very pleased to have completed this project, and in this regard we thank the Chairman Corrado and the Pisa team for having proposed this initiative with great enthusiasm, further consolidating the excellent relations between the two realities.””.

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