We support sport in all its forms

Cetilar® supports sport in all its forms, as long as they promote a healthy and active lifestyle inspired by barrier-free sharing and social interaction. This is why we have partnered with several national football, basketball, volleyball, fencing, Paralympic cycling and golf teams.

Marcell Jacobs

Cetilar® supports the olympic champion Marcell Jacobs, sustaining his athletic training heading for Paris Olympic Games in 2024. This partnership combines two realities that aim for the excellence in the sport, born to support one of the best italian athelt that his performance in Tokyo 2020 left an indelible mark on the history of the athletics.

Fernando Alonso

The partnership between Cetilar® and Fernando Alonso, the world motorsport legend, is based on two objectives: on one hand, to contribute to improving his sporting performance with the new Nutrition products, and on the other to obtain precious feedback that can help to optimise the range.


Running is much more than a sport, it is a lifestyle with millions of enthusiasts worldwide. As a matter of fact, for several years now we have been running a project to sponsor a number of running competitions, such as the historic Firenze Marathon and Cetilar® Run Notturna di San Giovanni, Cetilar® Run Parma and Parma Mezza Maratona, Cetilar® Run Maratona di Pisa and other running events throughout Italy.


Once again this season, we are ready to take to the track with the drivers of the Cetilar® Racing team in the legendary high-speed challenge the 24 Hours of Les Mans and to support the team during the FIA WEC World Endurance Championship.


Through sailing we are committed to supporting a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly form of sport. We work side-by-side with the FlyingNikka and Vitamina Sailing teams, as well as the Italian Sailing Federation’s Olympic team. Furthermore, through events like the 151 Miglia – Trofeo Cetilar®, we support the sustainability and the promotion of Italy’s natural assets with the sailors of today and tomorrow.


Football is one of the most popular and best loved sports worldwide and Cetilar® reflects its values: determination, passion, growth, team spirit, inclusion and, above all, common goals. We demonstrate our commitment to promoting players’ health and well-being by working closely with teams to ensure that they have access to the best technology and the most advanced treatments. In this way, Cetilar® helps to facilitate the growth and success of football as a sport, while maintaining high quality and safety standards. Our commitment at national level is to actively support sports events and initiatives to promote socialising, Italy’s natural assets, an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.



Support for young sporting talents, and more besides. Because behind every athlete is a young person and professional growth must go hand in hand with human growth.
These are the foundations underlying the establishment, in 2019, of the Cetilar® Academy, a coaching and mentorship programme sponsored by PharmaNutra and designed with the aim of training and accelerating the human and professional growth of athletes through discipline, responsibility, the spirit of sacrifice and the constant pursuit of personal limits, values that are as precious as they are essential.
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