Cetilar® Nutrition: Dietary Energy for Athletes

Cetilar® Nutrition products

Cetilar® Nutrition was created to support sports performance and promote the intake of essential nutrients, while providing athletes with a reliable source of energy during physical activity. Using the same scientific method, PharmaNutra’s R&D laboratories developed Cetilar® Nutrition products; an innovative line designed for the supplementation of competitive athletes and those who practise sport consistently, to enable them to perform better. Depending on the product used, it is possible to:

  • Obtain controlled release of one’s energies;
  • Maintain or restore adequate hydration;
  • Counteract oxidative stress and strengthen the immune system.
The benefits of Cetilar® Nutrition products
Favour the intake of key nutrients

Thanks to their balanced macronutrient formulation and the addition of Sucrosomial® Iron and Sucrosomial® Magnesium, the protein and energy bars provide an adequate intake of essential nutrients, to support your sports performance.

Controlled release of energy during physical activity

Cetilar® Nutrition’s carbohydrate dietary supplements with and without caffeine enable an adequate and sustained release of energy during physical activity, thus helping to reduce the perception of exertion and physical and mental fatigue.

Replenish fluids lost due to heavy sweating

Cetilar® Nutrition mineral salt supplements can be useful during or immediately after moderate or intense physical exercise in order to maintain adequate tissue hydration.

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