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2 MIN 7 June 2023

Food supplements are food products used also by sportspersons to integrate their sports nutrition: correcting dietary deficiencies, they help athletes maintain the correct intake of the nutritional substances needed during physical activity. As a matter of fact, only when your body can use the mix of macro-nutrients it needs during physical effort, it can maximise your performance. But beware: this must all be part of a correct sporting diet which must be healthy and balanced.

Food supplements with carbohydrates

A few examples… Food supplements with carbohydrates are an important source of energy, suited for both intense aerobic activities and for endurance training, such as running or cycling. Used both to increase weight and to give that extra boost before training, as well as in the recovery phase afterwards, food supplements with carbohydrates can be consumed before, during and after physical activity. Every supplement may contain different types of carbohydrates, depending on the specific needs. The more traditional products contain dextrose, fructose and maltodextrin, which are fundamental for restoring the energy reserves that are lost during physical activity.

To guarantee the correct intake of carbohydrates in your sporting diet, Cetilar® Nutrition has developed solutions that come in both powder form, to dissolve in 500 ml of water; and in gel form, ready to use during physical activity or afterwards, during the recovery phase. For example, we have developed Race Gel, with maltodextrin and fructose at a ratio of 1:08 which ensures excellent absorption and carbohydrates to help better cope with physical activity.

Food supplements with caffeine

It has been scientifically proven that caffeine is also a precious molecule for improving performance during physical activity. This is because caffeine –especially that found in food supplements rather than in normal foods–- stimulates the production of adrenalin, improving concentration and maintaining attention, and has a performance-enhancing effect that improves resistance. This is why it is suited to endurance sports that demand moderate yet prolonged effort. And that’s not all, because when combined with carbohydrates, it improves protein re-synthesis during recovery. After physical activity, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of caffeine also help to nourish the athlete’s muscle mass, ensuring faster recovery.

This is why there are other alternatives developed by Cetilar® Nutrition with added caffeine. These are Race Gel Caf, Race Carb Caf and Endurance Carb, three food supplements, the first in gel form and the other two in powder form. With 150 mg of caffeine, not only do they help tackle physical activity better with the absorption of carbohydrates, but they also reduce the feeling of fatigue, increasing attention and concentration. In addition, carbohydrates in powder form can also be added to Hydral, the powder in stick form with UltraMag® magnesium and other Cetilar® Nutrition mineral salts, for a rehydrating energy drink.

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