The Persico 69F FlyingNikka are back to fly on Lake Garda

< 1 MIN 28 September 2020

Two events archived successfully, a third on the way: the season of the Persico 69F is increasingly alive and from Thursday to Saturday, in Malcesine, it resumes its run with the third event of the Persico 69F Cup ITAS Assicurazioni Grand Prix 2020.

In the water, as already happened last week on Lake Garda, also the two FlyingNikka 47 and 74, with on board, respectively, the crews formed by Roberto Lacorte, Lorenzo Bressani and Enrico Zennaro, and Alessio Razeto, Lorenzo de Felice and Andrea Fornaro, once again engaged in three days of racing at full speed, the main feature of these flying boats capable of expressing amazing performances thanks to the foil appendages.

The two FlyingNikkas, both racing for the Yacht Club Repubblica Marinara di Pisa, were immediately the absolute protagonists of the circuit: for FlyingNikka 47, a hull with blue sails helmed by Roberto Lacorte, a peremptory victory in the first event of this newborn class , in July, and a second place obtained in the race week; for the “green” FlyingNikka 74, with Alessio Razeto at the bar, a third and a fourth place.

As anticipated, three days of racing, and as always very high the level of the opponents, ready to contend with FlyingNikka for primacy in this new, exciting category that represents the future of competitive sailing.

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