Cetilar San Giovanni Night Run 2020 – Virtual Run

2 MIN 8 June 2020

Cetilar® starts to run again, with the Cetilar San Giovanni Night Run 2020 in Florence, one of Italy’s longest-standing running competitions, planned “virtually” for Saturday 20 June.

After months of Covid-19-related stoppages, sport is – slowly – starting to make a comeback. Sports events are still banned, but for the past few weeks the new safety measures have allowed physical activities outdoors, provided social distancing requirements are met.

This is where the idea of turning the Cetilar San Giovanni Night Run 2020 into a Virtual Race, a new way of running designed to help us feel part of an event once again. Using a new app it will be possible to directly track each runner in the race, projecting their position on the 10 km virtual route of the traditional San Giovanni Night Run. So anyone can watch the race from 9.00 pm on Saturday 20 June on the website tds.sport.

Thanks to the organisation of Firenze Marathon and TDS, people will be able to run the Cetilar San Giovanni Night Run 2020 in total safety, but with the thrill of a real race: the participants will receive a notification of their times, rhythms and the kms clocked up directly on their phones.

The race will be streamed live on the official Firenze Marathon Facebook channel (which can also be shared on other profiles), so you can actually watch the show, involving guest stars, professional runners and experts, and the audience will also be able to intervene. Finally, on the tds.sport website it will be possible to follow the participants in real time, virtually localising them on the official race route.

Registrations are open on the website Enternow.it (Click here to directly access the registration form for the Cetilar San Giovanni Night Run 2020 Virtual Race) and include:


  • publication of the registered runners on the website tds.sport with the possibility to check your registration to the event;
  • receipt of confirmation by e-mail, as well as notification of the times and other useful info;
  • receipt of the athlete’s bib in digital format;
  • useful info sent to the athletes on the race, including instructions on how to use the tracking app;
  • possibility for spectators to follow their friends and relatives in real time, localising them virtually on the official race route;
  • publication of the results in real time (always considering the starting range of the athletes), with split times for every km;
  • receipt of the athlete’s own results by e-mail;
  • at the end of the event, publication of the customised participation diploma.

Furthermore, everyone who signs up for the Cetilar San Giovanni Night Run 2020 Virtual Race will receive a €5 discount they can use to register for the next Firenze Marathon.

Watch the Cetilar San Giovanni Night Run 2020 Virtual Race presentation video.

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